Grace Everlasting Romania

"Spreading the Gospel, protecting the fatherless"

Asociația Harul Nesfarșit

Topraisar , Jud. Constanța

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    GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH was birthed 15 years ago in our living room with a handful of believers looking for a place to worship together with a desire to reach their people for Christ.

    TINA'S HOUSE pro-life ministry offers shelter and assistance to pregnant girls and single mothers with no other options. These women and their children face many challenges and dangers, such as a broken social system, domestic violence, sex trafficking, prostitution, abuse, neglect, and war. Tina's House aims to provide them with a safe and supportive environment where they can find love, healing, and hope for the future.

    WHO WE ARE:   GRACE EVERLASTING ROMANIA is a Romanian faith-based NGO founded in 2004 by Missionaries Keith & Brenda Price in collaboration with Grace Baptist Church, Plymouth, IN & Beacon International Baptist Mission, Johnson City, TN.

    OUR PURPOSE: To Glorify God, spread the gospel, and protect the fatherless.

    OUR WHY: God placed a love in our hearts for the Romanian people to accept salvation in Christ and lead joyful and purposeful lives.

    OUR VISION: To transform lives in Eastern Europe by sharing God's love, compassion, and redemption.

    OUR MISSION: To serve rural communities in Southeastern Romania through local church ministries and humanitarian outreach. 


    • Assist and support missionaries and national pastors in local church-planting efforts.
     Offering shelter, education, and support to women facing unexpected pregnancies.
    • Safe house for women fleeing domestic violence.

    • Ladies' Bible study, craft activities, and fellowship.

    • Widows outreach and assistance.

    • Biblical counseling program.

    Provide humanitarian aid to needy families, people with disabilities, and the elderly.
    • Christian camps for children, youth, and adults
    • Christian retreats and conferences.
    • Community and social center.

    • Recruit full, and part-time volunteers.
    • Hire Romanian staff members.
    • Partner with Romanian Baptist churches. 
    • Fundraising campaigns.