Keith & Brenda 

The Price's in Romania

Preaching the Gospel, protecting the fatherless


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    Grace Baptist Church

     "Biscerică Baptistă Harul"

    Tina’s House

    "Pro-Life & Mother's Crisis Center"

    Grace Baptist Church of Topraisar, Romania began in our living room with a handful of believers looking for a place to worship together with a desire to reach their own people for Christ.

    Many of the pregnant girls, mothers and their children we work with are a product of a broken social system, domestic violence, sex trafficking, prostitution, abuse, neglect, and have been forgotten, until now.

    Matthew 28:19a "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations"

    Psalm 82:3a "Give justice to the weak and the fatherless"

    Preaching the Gospel

    Protecting the fatherless

     Began Deputation - October 2000

    Arrived in Romania - March 2003.

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