Grace Everlasting Romania

"Spreading the Gospel, protecting the fatherless"

Asociația Harul Nesfarșit

Topraisar , Jud. Constanța

The Reality!

After 8 years of fundraising, construction, governmental paperwork, and approvals, we now have a beautiful large 4 bedroom home to house eight mothers and their babies. Our aim is to help each mother achieve her personalized set goals and to have a clear knowledge of God's love for them and to become independently sufficient. This may mean schooling, job training, and/or reuniting her with family, also each mother will participate in weekly classes on various subjects such as child care, homemaking, cooking, cleaning, CPR, health & hygiene, gardening, self-defense, church services, and Bible study, just to name a few. The mothers are involved in the running the home by helping with cooking, dishes, cleaning, laundry, taking out the trash, etc. They also partake in individualized and group counseling with our on-staff therapist. The staff is here to help motivate each mother to work hard in learning proper child care and achieving their independence for the future. 

The Vision!

After seeing in 2008 over 80 babies abandoned in the State hospital our hearts were aching to reach these young mothers and give them help and hope for their future in Christ. God gave us the vision to start a pro-life crisis center in Topraisar, Romania as an outreach of our church. The center assists mothers who are at risk of abandoning their children and to gently and lovingly share the love of Christ while meeting their physical, emotional, educational, medical and spiritual needs. 

Tina's House

"Pro-Life Crisis Center"